Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Loneliness (1)

It was just another day, in his routine bar of Wednesdays night...
- So where are you from?
- I’m from Paris, and you?
“Why do they always reply like that is the most important place in the world?” he questioned himself.
- I’m from Brazil.
- Oh, really! That’s far away. Why did you come ‘ere? – Said the French with his characteristic poor English.
- To study. I’m a master student here. – He emphasized the H on purpose.
- Oh, me too. What do you istuddi? – Damn! His accent was annoying!
- I’m sorry, will you excuse me? – Replied the Brazilian dismissing the newcomer.
He gave the French a half smile and touched his shoulder while leaving him alone, walking towards the door. He rushed through the crowd to reach someone that was leaving. “Hey, Lukas!” he called out loud after reaching the street. He instantly felt the freezing cold of the north winter coming. His friend turned.
- Are you leaving already?
- Yeah! I gotta wake up early tomorrow. Have an exam!
- Oh, yeah! I forgot about that. Good luck, mate!
- Thanks, mate! Have fun tonight! Cheers!
- Cheers… - he said in a not so cheerful tone.
He went back inside. Looked around for a moment and decided to leave as well. No reason to stay while all your friends are gone. He grabbed his coat, dressed it and left again the bar. On his way out he bumped into a woman.
- I’m sorry! I’m really sorry! I was distracted!
- Hey Rafa!
- Oh! Hi Rachel, I didn’t recognize you.
The woman took her hood back and undressed her thick bright yellow jacket. She looked ugly as always. And that yellow made her look even worse.
- Oh well… – She said smiling and giggling
“Oh, God! No!” He thought while realizing that the giggle was a sign she wanted him. The mere thought of kissing her made him to finish that conversation as fast as possible.
- Anyway, gotta go, Rachel. See you around!
- Oh... ok, then. – She sounded surprise – Anyway, who were you talking to a few moments ago. I saw you come out of the bar and talk to someone…
- Oh, that was Lukas, my german friend. Don’t you know him?
- Lukas? No… but, wait. I mean, I haven’t seen anyone, and you were looking the same direction I came from.
- Well, I don’t know. He might have turned somewhere.
- Rafa, there was no one there. There was nowhere to turn!
- As I said, I don’t know. Gotta go. See ya! – He dismissed her turning around to leave.
He reached the streets again and as he walked home he felt lonely again. As he felt so many other days and nights. It was a dark, cold night. Shadows passed by him, some distant sounds of laughter and cars passing by. He walked home with his chin almost touching his chest, thinking about and repeating those words…
- There was no one there…


meryl's musings said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. Come back for some giggles and thoughts. Wow, your story of Loneliness is powerful. The way you capsulized most of the dialogue set off from narration made it come to life. So now it's a half story -- will we get to see the other half?

The Storyteller said...

HI Meryl. Thanks for the visit!

The way I see it, every half story is an open end. I do not have the intention of abandoning my characters.

Only thing is to find the right inspiration to resume their trails...