Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Order of the Red Phoenix (1)

She is a strange figure, that girl. That night she was sitting in the dark corner of the tavern, by herself. Only an almost burnt candle made her company but it was barely enough for the rest of us to see her face. It was a noisy night as you should expect from a tavern in Anthar'Alon. You know, that one right next to the barracks... The usual confusion was taking place. Men shouting, challenging, laughing and bragging out loud about their victories and battles. And of course, ale. I had something to drink as well but I do remember that night.

Yes. She was there, sitting alone in the dark, watching everyone with her usual superiority look. I must say I never liked that girl, Lord. She looks at everyone indifferently, as if we were all pathetic losers, as if we don't know what's going on out there. But I tell you, Lord, we do know what's going on!

Er... I guess you are not interested on that. Ok then, I'll focus on the story about that night.

So it was just another night, nothing special was going on as the hours slipt away. Some of the men got drunk, tried to pick a fight here and there, some were already leaving, others still arriving. And you know it's not common for a girl to stay at a tavern alone so late in the night. Especially one so young and beautiful! I just told you I don't like her but I can't help it if she's stunning! Those green eyes that shines like emeralds and her hair looks like black silk, Lord! I wish I could just... Oh! Ok, Lord. I'm sorry!

So one of the men finally approached Elthyn with ale and sat down next to her. She looked a bit surprised at first but she didn't move. I don't know what they talked about for I was too far to hear them. But for some reason that scene caught my attention. There was something odd there... First is the fact that no one never approaches that girl; and also... there was something there that looked familiar, even though I didn't recognize at first.

They talked for a brief moment, stood up and left together. On their way out I payed more attention to the man. He had just arrived for I don't remember him before his approach to Elthyn. And as he passed by me on their way out, someone opened the door and a cool night breeze blew into the tavern, lifting the man's hooded cloak for an eye blink. For that short period of time I could see the man's pale hand and on his wrist the Red Phoenix! I swear to the gods, Lord! I saw it! I saw it!
- Have you told this to anybody?
Of course I did, Lord! But everyone thought I was drunk, that they were gone forever, and aaaahhhh!!!
- Get rid of his body before someone sees it...

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