Thursday, November 13, 2008

Love (1)

He closed the book and rested it on the table. Rested his hands crossing them over his stomach, that received the weight of his thin arms with ease. He stretched and crossed his legs on a second chair in front of him, before releasing his head on the chair's backrest. Then he closed his eyes and suddenly he was lying down on soft and bright white sand, listening to the ocean as it was in front of him. A cool breeze blew from the northeast, feeding his memories of home, beach, laughter and friends.

He didn't noticed and he couldn't help but smile at those memories. His smile grew as he felt a soft, delicate touch on his face. First with the back of her hand on his right cheek, and then a finger following the shape of his smile. He opened his eyes, still lying at the beach, and saw a clear face, framed by dark hair, hiding the bright autumn sun behind her.

Her brown eyes shined when they met his and she gave him a sweet smile, almost inocent, that still conquered his heart. Even after years spending their lives together. He reliased then how happy he was and brought his hands to meet hers, holding them tight, celebrating that moment with her. He repeated the gesture he had just received on his face on hers.
- I love you... - He said in a low, lifeless voice.
- I love you too! - She replied smiling, even though a tear rolled down her face.
He opened his eyes and found himself on his study room, where he was reading his book. He brought his legs back to the floor, sitting straight again on the chair. He took the book into his backpack, to where he also returned the pen and the notebook in which he wrote references of technicalities a few moments ago.

"She will be mine. And all this will be senseless" he thought while reading his book's cover again. He left the room heading to the canteen with his dreams still echoing in his mind. His heart was beating fast now, his breath losing its natural rythm while his world suddenly became only one person. Everything else had vanished and the only thing he could see was her dark hair, her brown eyes so light that almost turned green, exactly like he had seen minutes ago in his dream. Joy. So much joy that he could barely hide it.
- So, shall we? - She said with her sweet voice, in a different but enchanting accent. - Everyone is already here, just waiting for you.
- Sure! Sorry I'm late. - He said letting his tension go.
- Don't worry, it's nothing. - She replied with a smile that he couldnt escape, before joinning their friends.

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