Wednesday, November 19, 2008

What's wrong?

I received the following text by mail. It said that the source is from a Brazilian advertisement agency called Bullet. The director of the agency wrote it. I decided to translate it and post as we all need some time to think about real problems that sometimes we forget or translate into some distant excuse.


"I'll make you a slide show.
Are you ready? It's common, you have seen these images before.

Perhaps you are even used to them.
It starts with those hungry children in Africa.
Those with the bones visible under their skins.
Those with flies on their eyes.
The slides keep coming.
Exodus of entire populations.
Hungry people.
Poor people.
People with no future.
For decades we've been exposed to these images.
On Discovery Channel, National Geographic, photography contests.
Some turned into art, in books of renown photographers.
It is misery in images that stir.
Images that create government platforms.
They create NGOs.
They create organizations.
The create social movements.
Misery around the world, in Uganda or in Ceará (Brazil), India or Bogotá, stirs.
Year after year it has been discussed what to do.
Years of pressure to bring the attention from a infinity of leaders that succeed in the most powerful nations of the planet.
Some say that US$ 40 billion would be enough to solve the starvation problem worldwide.
To solve, capicce?
There would be not a single little boy terribly skinny and with no future, in no corner of the planet.
I don't know haw they calculate that number.
But let's say it is underestimated.
Let's say it is the double.
Or the triple.
With US$ 120 billion the world would be a fairer place.
If there was no parades, political or philosophical speeches, or pictures to sensitize.
If there was no documentary, NGO, lobby or pressure that would solve.
But in one week, the same leaders, the same powerful nations, took from their sleeves US$ 2.2 trillion (US$ 700 billion from the USA and US$ 1.5 trillion from European nations) to save from starvation those who were already with their stomachs full."

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